Nanotechnology for Water Treatment

What is NanoBOT?

NanoBOT has been tested by the U.S. Government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (“NOAA”).

  • NanoBOT is a patented nano-bubble and gas infusion technology, which is 100% natural and uses no chemicals
  • NanoBOT uses nano-bubbles to infuse oxygen and ozone into the water, which creates huge volumes of hydroxyl radicals, a powerful disinfectant capable of destroying any bacteria, toxins, and micro-organisms in the water.
  • NanoBOT only leaves oxygen in the water, so water does not change chemically

NanoBOT is a Powerful Disinfectant

NanoBOT is unique in its ability to produce large volumes of nano-bubbles and achieving >95% absorption. As the nano-bubbles burst and create an explosion, hydroxyl radicals are created, which destroy all pathogens around it.

Hydroxyl Radicals are 180x stronger than UV light and 100,000x stronger than chlorine in disinfecting water.

Hydroxyl Radicals are:

  • All - Natural
  • Chemical - Free
  • Low - Cost
  • Eco – Friendly


“NanoBOT is a powerful, all natural disinfectant, that has successfully eliminated 100% of bacteria and dangerous water toxins including algae cysts”

Dr. Peter Moeller
NOAA Director and Leading Expert on Emerging Water Toxins