Madigan Army Medical Center

The NebuPure technology has been thoroughly tested and validated in a wide range of independent trials across multiple industries. The original product testing was conducted at the Madigan Army Medical Center in coordination with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The research team included Major Soltis (MD), Col McCune (MD), Mr Joseph Weston, Capt. Demons as well as the original inventor of the technology, Dr. Evegenia Rainina.
The Madigan study was a comprehensive 40- day trial testing the efficacy of the technology across a wide range of pathogens on multiple surfaces, and in almost every case, the mold, bacteria or virus was killed to 99.9999 percent. The testing protocol was also meant to determine the longer- term impact on sensitive electronic equipment within a hospital or surgical suite, and again, no corrosive effects were identified even 12 months after the last date of treatment.

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